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MS Outlook 365 Issues After Migration to Google


I have transitioned OK.  However there are a few annoying new problems when using Outlook as a mail client:


1. All mail in Sent Mail folder is duplicated

2. Mail in Sent Mail folder is highlighted as "Unread"  It can be fixed by "Mark as Read" but this is annoying

3. When I send a test email to myself, it appears with the "Attachment" paperclip showing when there is no attachment to the email


Perhaps as other Outlook users migrate, some solutions to these will surface.  I prefer to stick with Outlook.  Since these are new problems I feel they are Google related.  Everything worked fine under




I resolved the duplicates in sent mail folder by changing the Outlook account settings and checking the box beside "Don't save copies of sent items"  The other two problem I've isolated as happening only when testing by sending test emails to myself.  (Stupid me for not noticing that). 


So I did transition to Google and have Outlook running well on Motorola Android phone and Samsung Galaxy Tablet.  But it has not been fun.  I am contemplating migrating myself off both Telus email and Google email and starting fresh with an account.  

Curious what are you using for outgoing server?


Are you using a POP3 interface or IMAP? I used to use POP3 with Thunderbird, but now use IMAP after the migration to Gmail. I find it works quite well. I access mail on my phone with the Gmail app. With Thunderbird and IMAP, the Thunderbird account just mirrors what is one Gmail. You can make changes to either, and the other is updated.