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Internet/Wifi interruption every evening at 9:00 pm

Just Moved In

Our internet/wifi stops working every evening at 9:00 pm, and it takes about 20 minutes to recover. So everything is disrupted, no WIFI at all. Every device connected, including cell phones, computers, Optik TV loses WIFI. We get a message on our TV "Television signal has been lost" with a list of instructions to try, which do not help. So far Telus has replaced our modem, twice...removed a repeater and replaced that with WIFI-boosters, and reconfigured the lines coming into our house. Resulting in no change.


Is anybody else experiencing the same issue? Why does this happen at the exact same time every evening. Very frustrating. So far no resolution from Telus.


Just Moved In

This happens to me as well, but I don't have to do the hard reset. It comes back within 10 seconds. Still quite annoying.

Just Moved In

Were you charged on the onsite support? 


We have had the quite similar issue since the end of January. The internet was disconnected once for a while. 


We have been dealing with Telus virtual supports since that. Every time, they reset the firmware remotely, and worked normally for a while, and happened again. Finally, a tech was schedule to come, he changed a new modem, but we still got another disconnectivity in 2 hour after this onsite service. The uncertainty still exists. The worst thing is that I was billed for diagnose charge. I am disputing with them now, various feedback from different Telus departments. Super annoy!