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constantly having to reboot modem

Just Moved In

So since I moved into my condo about a year ago I've had on/off issues with my internet as well as pixelated picture when streaming tv shows/movie through the pvr (ie. on demand or netflix). This doesn't seem to happen on live tv which tells me that this is part of my "internet issue". I have internet 50 and one pvr box connected to my tv. I've had multiple tech's come out through out the year and they have replace the pvr and most recently the modem (about two weeks ago). Each time they say that there is no issue's with the connection coming in (even though they never physically check the line in my condo or tel room. They only thing that seems to help the slow internet speeds is rebooting my modem. The frustrating part is that I almost have to do this daily to get the proper speeds. I guess it's possible that I have another "dud" modem but I wanted to know if anyone had any suggestion before I have to call Telus back and wait on hold for 1 hr.


Set up is as follows:


Computer is hardwired to modem t3200m

4k pvr box is wired to modem via ethernet.

4k box is connected to tv via hdmi cable.