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Hardwired unfinished basement help

Just Moved In

Full disclosure, I'm new to this wiring thing and am trying to piece together these acronyms, so talk to me like your explaining it to your 5-year-old nephew (even though he might understand most of this better than I do...)


I'm finishing my basement and want some hardwired connections available. I have data cables running from the places I want them to the optical terminal. My router/modem (T3200M) is upstairs and connected to Data 1 on the ONT with no simple way to connect it to anything downstairs (as far as I know).


Is there any way I can leave the T3200M upstairs and connect my downstairs wires near the ONT? I was reading the latest 'Bridge' post and someone mentioned going

ONT --> Switch --> T3200M

                         --> Other router


Is this something that could work for me? Can Data 2/3/4 on the ONT be used in any way? Is there another fix I'm completely unaware of? Am I kinda up poop's creek without a paddle?




You need at least 1 additional Ethernet connection from the room with your router back down to the basement where your ONT and other Ethernet connections terminate. Then you need a switch there to tie it all together. Get an unmanaged switch with as many ports as you need. If you can't run another Ethernet cable from the T3200 down to the basement then consider using a pair of PowerLine adapters which gives you an Ethernet connection over household power wiring. Using MoCA adapters is also an option if you have a coax cable run already there.


             ONT <------------------- Ethernet -------------> WAN Port on T3200M


Switch Port 1 <------------------- Ethernet -------------> LAN Port on T3200M


Switch Port 2 <------------------- Ethernet -------------> Room 1 in basement


Switch Port 3 <------------------- Ethernet -------------> Room 2 in basement