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Internet Speed


We've been paying for Telus 300Mbps for 3 years and have never gotten anywhere near that speed.  The router/modem (Telus T3200M) is in the basement and we have a Telus Booster on each floor.  We average 85-90 for both download & upload.  We've had Telus come 3 times in 3 years and they all say that is "NOT" unusual in a Wi-Fi setup, and that we are receiving 300 Mbps at the modem.  

SO, I've finally broken down and decided to run CAT 6 ethernet cable directly from the modem to our our 2020 Mac on the 2nd floor. Imagine my surprise/dismay, when I plug in the cable to my Mac & my Upoad/Download speeds still average 85-90.

I don't understand.  I just assumed that being hardwired my speed would go up SIGNIFICANTLY!





Have you verified that the Mac has an Ethernet link speed of > 100 Mbps? There can be several reasons for only connecting at 100 Mbps.

Have you verified that the Mac is using the Ethernet connection and not WiFi? It's possible that the Mac will fall back to WiFi if there is an issue with the Ethernet.

Have you logged on to the T3200M router to run the speed test yourself?

Here's my test I just did. I'm on Internet 75.



The Mac has a 1GBPS Ethernet Speed & I turned Wi-Fi OFF before running the test.🤔


     I'm not sure how to log into the T3200M directly. I've just been using the speed test on the Telus site itself.

Having said that, it's like someone at Telus is reading our texts because I'm now testing at 200/150 on Wi-Fi and 315/250 on wired!

     If this keeps up I'll be extremely happy since I've never seen over 100.


Good that it's faster now but I seriously doubt your posts triggered TELUS to do anything to your Internet service. They have no idea who/where you are unless they traced the IP address that made the post.


To log on to your router with a browser follow the instructions found here:




Going to try logging into the router this morning.  Will keep you updated.



     After this reply on Monday I used as well as Telus's speed test 3 more times before going to bed.  Every-time, on both sites my Wi-Fi speed was 200-215 download & 150-160 upload.  Went to bed & since Tuesday morning I've used both sites at least a dozen times and am back to 85-90 download and upload. DUH!  This is where it's tested for 3 years.


Logged into my modem but couldn't find where you could run a speed-test.  I'll try again tomorrow.

Note that any speed test done from an app/browser on a device will be measuring the slowest speed between the device and the website. So if your WiFi connection to the router is the slowest speed it won't tell you the speed of your Internet connection to the router. This is why you need to run the speed test from the router to eliminate the WiFi as a factor.


After logging on to the router with the user/password click on Advanced Setup and acknowledge the warning to see  the same left side menu I show in my screen capture above. Speed test is under the Modem Utilities category. Select the location closest to you in the URL dropdown and run the test. This test is run between the router and a TELUS server and eliminates the connection speed between the router and your device.

Thanks for the clarification. I will sign into my Router later today & give it a ty.


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This story parallels mine. I struggled and struggled. I switched to Shaw. Ten years of struggling, calling, having tech out, adding boosters and cables while paying for high-speed but getting sub 100. The day Shaw installed we got 550 for less money and it's improved to 700+ over the last three years.