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Increase in home phone


Why has my home phone plan been changed without my knowledge or consent? An increase in $5. from Dec. to Jan. with no explanation other than my 12 month discount ends in Feb. 😞 



If you have a reasonably fast internet there is an alternative to a home phone service - VOIP. We use Ooma and pay $5 a month for phone service, and unlimited call time in Canada, with very low rates to the US and other countries. They say it is free, but you do pay the taxes and 911 service fee. There is an up front cost of $100 for the equipment. And, if you want to keep your existing phone number there is a porting charge to get it. A new number is no cost. There is an app for your mobile phone, and where you have wifi you can call using the Ooma service. Phone messages are also directed to the app so you can listen to them when away from home. We like it.


Check your past few bills. Price increases are usually communicated a few months ahead of time on the bill.


@mightymouse  As loosemeat says check your bill. just did norton gone feb 1 and my satellite up $2.5O. 


If you look on the back of your bill in the tiny print, it says charges will increase $5 month unless you sign up for a contract of 2 years.  I Found that out when I phoned them to complain,  I  said I did not want a contract and they stopped the charges