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Incorrect Telus internet data usage being shown?

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So I happen to find out that on July 14, 2020 my home internet usage meter was at 4560 GB?? We are 5 people who got phones connected to it and 2 iptv devices but mostly the highest we would go is at 15 gb a day. I spoke to telus rep and he said that someone else might be using your wifi but I don't think that's the case. I am on unlimited data add on but what's confusing is I added that on July 15 of my current cycle which began on July 9. Will the entire cycle be covered under Unlimited add on? I am really worried as I don't want to fall into this telus trap and see biggest bill by telus soon. I don't know know how it went up this ridiculously high on that day.

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Community Power User

I’d do a bit more sleuthing to try and discover why your usage jumped so much. A nearly 300 fold increase in usage should be investigated.


Start by changing your Wi-Fi password, and looking at traffic patterns in the Admin panels of your router.


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Go to My TELUS and check your Internet usage details. It show on a daily basis. Perhaps you can spot a pattern or anomoly there.


I have a similar problem.  I just received my bill and found the Telus is showing 490.90GB used in one day, July 08.  I am on an Internet 6 plan, 6MB/S download.  I would have had to be maxed out for 23 hours straight to hit this kind of single day usage.  My normal usage in less than 10GB per day. 


Here is where my story is also the same as yours.  During the evening of July 08 I signed up for faster internet and unlimited data, both starting on July 09.  So like you, the day before an unlimited data plan kicked in, Telus is claiming I had data usage that my connection could not realistically provide.



I called Telus customer service today and spent 30 minutes with a polite front line agent who was as perplexed as I was about the extraordinary one-day data usage number.  Unfortunately the agent could not help me but did put me through to a customer service manager.  The manager provided me with a credit for the entire month's data overage (522GB overage).  My Internet 6 plan allows 150GB/month but I have been consuming just over 200 GB/month and had expected a $20 overage charge instead of the $45 charge I received.  I was pleasantly surprised with how this was handled.