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I can’t access any of my applications that use online services

Hey guys, I can’t seem to access any of my online games or applications without getting an error. I can browse the internet just fine and access offline applications, but when it comes to anything online I cannot.

I found that through the use of a vpn I can access some of the applications, but still not all. I’ve tried reconfiguring my DNS and restarting my routers and modem, but still nothing. I was also on the phone with tech support for a bit and they said there was nothing they could do. Any suggestions?

Community Power User
Community Power User

What are the errors you're seeing? Which apps and games? Do you have any antivirus or firewalls active on your computer?

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It’s every online game, some examples are league of legends and CS:GO. I’ve checked my antivirus and firewall and they aren’t blocking any of my games. There isn’t any specific error code, just says “error: can’t connect to game servers”

Is this already fixed? I am having the same problem in my telus, cannot find regions in dota 2 and I also can’t play mobile games but i have wifi connection

Community Manager
Community Manager

Have you spoken with our Tech Support team or the game devs about this?