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How to file a complaint about agent and false information

I am writing to file a formal complaint regarding the issues I have encountered with my Telus bill payment and contract agreements. The purpose of this complaint is to bring to your attention the unprofessional conduct and false promises made by Kristen from the Telus Fiber Team.
In August 2023, Kristen contacted me regarding obtaining Telus home network services. During our initial conversation, she assured me that the monthly fee would amount to $70 per month, with no payments required for the first three months after installation because I would get enough credits to be automatically paid.
Shortly after the installation, I received my contract, which stated a monthly fee of $95 instead of the promised $70. When I raised this issue with Kristen, she assured me that the incorrect contract would be rectified within 30 days. However, the corrected contract never arrived. It was not until the beginning of October that Telus began sending me payment bills.
Upon contacting Kristen once again, she told me there was no need to pay the bill, claimed it to be incorrect, and assured me that it would be adjusted within a day. To my dismay, a week later, my Telus services were suspended, demanding a reactivation fee of $248. Kristen explained that I had to pay the outstanding amount as the promised credits had not been applied, leaving me with no other option but to settle the bill.
To compensate for all the inconvenience caused, Kristen then assured me of a new monthly fee of $65 per month, valid for 24 months. Furthermore, she promised to provide credits that would cover my monthly fees for the next four months. However, these promises were once again broken. Kristen's communication became unresponsive, and she even hung up on me during our conversations. Despite continuously reaching out to her over the following two weeks, I only received a new contract on November 16th, revealing a monthly fee of $76 and credits amounting to $200. To my disappointment, my bill still indicates a payment requirement of $113 by November 24th.
Kristen's lack of professionalism and inability to deliver on her promises have shattered my trust in both her and Telus as a service provider. I find it deeply concerning that a company I rely on would engage in such practices, misleading customers and subjecting them to unnecessary stress and financial burden.
To support my claims, I have attached the chat log between Kristen and myself as evidence. Although the conversation was conducted in Chinese, I have provided a simple translation. I kindly request that someone proficient in Chinese examine the provided evidence to fully grasp the extent of Kristen's misconduct. It is my belief that this evidence will sufficiently demonstrate the discrepancies between what was promised and what was delivered.
Considering these circumstances, I urge Telus to address this matter urgently and take the necessary actions to rectify the situation. I seek fair compensation for the losses I have incurred, as well as prompt resolution to the billing discrepancies, in accordance with our original agreement.
I trust that Telus holds its commitment to customer satisfaction and will address this complaint appropriately. I expect a timely response within 3 days, confirming the commencement of an investigation into the matter and ensuring that my concerns are appropriately considered. 

Community Manager
Community Manager

@BaixiFeng I've sent you a private message to steer you in the right direction. Keep an eye out for it 🙂