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How can I submit a complaint about Telus service?

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Hi - I really need to get a hold of someone at Telus in a management position because I am at the end of my rope. After months and months I finally got Fiber installed at my home but even though I asked for the Gigabit speed package, I was left at the Telus 75 speed (similar to copper). I called Telus to figure out how I can be moved to the fastest speed (me and my husband work from home and it is imperative to have high speed), they were having issues with our account. After spending 2 hours and 46 minutes on the phone, they told me they would have to open a ticket to get the issue resolved and that they would call me in 48 hours. They promised that it would happen. Well, it didn't. I called again and the new agent told me that a technician needed to come to our house to set it up. He told me I had an appointment set up (after 1 hour and 36 minutes on the phone). Well, today, I get a call from Telus telling me they are calling me back about my call from Saturday and when I explained that I already had an appointment, they say "no, you don't". So the guy did not set up the appointment! so now I'm on the phone with them again to see when I can have an appointment. This is beyond the pale. I have work, I have kids, I have other responsibilities and yet I have to spend upwards of 1 or 2 hours on the phone for mistakes they make! Someone in management needs to hear about this! I keep asking to be put in contact with a supervisor and I am re-routed and then it is just another agent.

If anyone knows how I can reach out somewhere, I'll appreciate the guidance. My last resort is to go on social media or even call the media because I am really at the end of my rope.

Thanks for any help you can provide.


Community Manager
Community Manager

@Brownale I sent you a private message to start the process on getting you some help. Please keep an eye out for it 🙂

Hi Dru, My mother has been having a terrible experience with getting support for her optik service. She called in to make a billing change on Wednesday as her husband recently passed away and a change was required for the billing to be directed to her account..Result of her call was that all her services were cut off. She spent a few hours on the phone with TELUS Support yesterday and now has phone service but nothing else (no TV or internet.  I called TELUS customer service yesterday and they spotted a back office problem, promised that service would be restored today, and I’ve just learned that today promise has changed to tomorrow. I’m one step away of making a complaint to CRTC but thought I’d give you a try.

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Have you been able to get this resolved? @Brownale

If you still are not, there is an independent body that can help you get it resolved. They are called CCTS (Commission for Complaints for Telecom-television service. They work like CRTC but for home services.

This should only be if you are unable to get the issue resolved with Telus directly. If you would like to know more this is the government link to them. 

How can you get it resolved with Telus when they just keep bouncing you around refusing to escalate the issue to management?

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello, it seems this is your first post here so is there any context as to the issue at hand?

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October October January 2024, the bis sales representative called me, and we made a new contract, both mobile and home internet, he never told me about an additional fee related to 4 mobile lines, and I have a business account with telus, both mobile and home internet, my contract ended in September 2023, then I wanted to communicate many times, but he did not return to me, then in January 2024, the bis sales representative called me, and we made a new contract, both mobile and home internet, he never told me about an additional fee, and on the sound of the day, I received an additional $ 1200 they took me, they scammed me, my home internet will start in February as part of the contract I made, it will be free for 6 months, after 6 months it will be $ 65 for every month, while I still haven't had a new contract, i'm still getting invoices for $182, the sales representative didn't solve the problem, they say we don't see the agreement on my system if I see anyone, now I'm going to sue telus and I'm going to be a frequent seller because that sales representative defrauded me...please solve my problem, please return the money that I have been paying too much for about 6 months,,,you are a very bad firm, and you are deceiving people

Hey Adem, please consider calling our Business team at 1-866-558-2273 to have these issues addressed

İ called many times ....but not any fix...

I would ask to speak to a manager if that's the case.