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Home Phone Rate Increase

Just Moved In

I've just notice a $2.00 increase to Home Phone charge. This represents a 16% increase ,10% more than the infation rate. It equals anapprox additional  2 months of payments. This would be a welcom increas to any buisness during these times, especially when the service remains the same.

Trusting Telus management can respond with their reasons for such a rate increase



Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello. It's understandable that seeing a price increase is something nobody wants to see on a bill. Sometimes price increases are necessary to ensure that we can continue to deliver service reliability and maintain our network. We always strive to keep our customer cost changes at a minimum and always advise our customers in advance of these changes. If you'd like to discuss your rate and look into any available offers, I recommend reaching out directly to our Home Services team at 1-888-811-2323 to see what they can do for you!

Home services did apply a bandaid by keeping the existing rate for 3 months but after that the 16% increase would be applied. Reason given to upgarde their services. My home service has not changed. Again I can see an inflation increase like everything else but adition 10%. If you apply a 16% increas  5 times it more than doubles the orginal payment.
PS I've been with Telus (even before it became Telus) for 51 years.


Call in to Telus and say you want to talk to customer loyalty retention program. You out of anyone deserves a deal.