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FibreOptic Service


Fibreoptic service is available in my neighbourhood.  I have been trying to get a straight answer about the conversion of the fibre optic signals (light) to the electronic signals which are required by my phone, our computers and our internet (all from Telus).  We are currently on wire via our Telus modem and do not wish to have ANY WiFi signals involved.


I have been unable to get a straight answer to how and where the conversion from light to electric signals takes place and have heard stories about folks who thought they were getting a hard connection which then turned out to involve WiFi.


Can anyone give me a straight answer to this question?? Have you had purefibre installed sans WiFi??  What was your experience with the installation and how has it been working for you?  How much did the installation cost for your home??




In our case the fibre goes to a Nokia ONT (optical network terminal). The fibre is connected to one port and to other ports we have ethernet and telephone (POTS). The ethernet is connected to a T3200m router. There is no need for wifi.


@RonBo17   You can turn off the wifi in the 3200 modem all cable connected then.  The wifi is provided by all modems if you want it. Your neighbours wifi will still enter your house. If you are using cordless phones they use 2.5 ghz between phones. Don't forget cell phones and other electronic products.

But where is the light signal used by fibre optics converted to the electronic signals that can be used by our hardwired devices?? We are currently using a 3200 modem with the wifi turned off and are all cable connected... But what happens if we convert to PureFibre??? Interestingly the Telus agent who called indicated that the copper connection which currently connects the Telus cable to our home could, at some time be removed, leaving either Purefibre or wifi as the only connection between the system and our home...

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I was on copper and have a T3200. All that happened for me is they installed an ONT (fibre to ethernet) and connected the T3200 to it. The T3200 basically acts as a router and my home network is exactly the same as before. The only difference is the signal is coming from the ONT rather than the phone lines. The only one change was for my landline which is now connected through the ONT. PureFibre is the only connection to my place now.

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@RonBo17   The  WIFI  radio broadcast is done by 3200 modem router you can turn it off. No WIFI comes from the ont.  Copper is being phased out. You don't need copper. I am on fiber you can use hard wired connections or make use of the wifi provided by modem your choice. The house phone circuits are fed from ont.  Wlfi is not provided by fiber or copper it is the modem that does that. New subdivisions will not have any copper installed only fiber. A few more years  no fiber or copper to the house all internet phone by satellite only. Poldcat

Where is the light signal from the fibre optic connection get converted to the electronic signals needed by our phone, our tv and our internet??

@RonBo17   In he ont.

OK... I think I finally got it... the ont is the optical network terminal which will be installed on our home and which will connect, presumably through our modem so as not to require a complete new rewiring job in the home.. Is that correct?

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Yes, the only potential new wiring is between the Optical Network Translator (ONT) and the T3200M, assuming the fibre can easily be run to the location o the ONT.

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The ONT has an RJ45 out port.  This will connect to your house's main copper wire telephone box, which is how the old copper phone jacks throughout your house gets connected.  You won't need to rewire all the phone jacks in your house.


There's a labelled photo in another thread that explains the wiring:

"Phone line exiting house" is the cable that goes (back) to the main phone box.


The only wiring involved will be:

- bringing the optical cable into the house and connecting it to the ONT

- connecting the ONT to your main phone box, via copper wire

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