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Expected internet speed

I just had 1 gig fibre installed. On a wired connection, I’ve seen 640mbps. On wifi, I can get up to 550mbps sitting in front of the modem with my i7 laptop or iPhone XR. On my previous provider, I would consistently get 640mbps on wifi. If I run a speed test on the modem, I get 400-800mbps. Should I not expect consistent speeds near 1 gig when wired or when doing a test in the modem?

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Community Power User

Gigabit speeds are really meant for shared connections, not a single device. Wi-Fi is going to be slower than wired, and is dependent on many factors, some of which, such as other Wi-Fi in the area are not possible to address.


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Is 400-600mbps normal when running a Speedtest directly on the router?

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Community Power User

I've found faster results just going to compared to testing from the router. Speed tests will really depend on what server they testing to and how fast / congested its connection is.

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I’ve been running the speedtest via the telus app which is presumably running it on the router directly and would be the best possible speed. Going to or something else will be affected by your device & wifi etc. Any tests I’ve done (wired or wireless) outside of the telus app are always slower which I think is expected.

Not only is it a lot slower than advertised, it’s very inconsistent even though a key advertised feature is that it’s dedicated and not affected by other people on your street.