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Escalating an internet outage


I have an internet outage (seems related to the Nokia modem handling the finer that comes into my house) and a technician needs to come  to fix the issue.


Problem is , there are no technicians available and the earliest one can come is in 7 days !!!


Both my wife and I work from home.


Just can’t believe in this day and age it takes 7 days to get someone to fix the issue. Probably would be faster to change to another service provider.


Is there someone at Telus that can be contacted to escalate this ?


thank you.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Install/Repair visits are based on how busy the techs are in any given area. If a cancellation occurs in your area, the techs will always call the next customer on the list so to speak, so that could always happen. Unless a specific date is asked, our team always schedules for next available.