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Adding Google NEST wifi hub direct from Telus Modum

Just Moved In

I recently got a Telus fibre installation.

1. There's a wired connection from the Telus modem to my NEST WiFi hub.
2. I also have a direct wired connection from the Telus modem to my PC.

All devices, whether connected via WiFi or Ethernet, have internet access. Devices like Google security cameras and smart light bulbs are functioning properly.

However, when browsing on WiFi, certain websites like Reddit or either don't load at all or only load partially. For troubleshooting, when I switch my phone's connection from WiFi to 4G mobile data, these issues disappear.

Could the solution be to enable bridging mode on the Telus modem?


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello. That definitely could be. You can always reach out to our Tech Support team at 1-888-811-2323 for further assistance as well!