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3 Routers and My Own DNS server

Just Moved In

I am looking to change my Telus Router to Bridge mode so I can use my own routers. 

I want 3 Routers for my own personal networks. 


Router 1 - Spy devices like Google Mini, Alexa, IP Cameras, Lights, etc...

Router 2 - Family Router that I can use for all devices that need pretty much everything. Kind of unrestricted... Kids computers, iPads, Phones, etc... 

Router 3 - Office / Private used only for my own file servers, printers, etc... 


I want to setup my own DNS server (Raspberry Pi) running Adguard so I can secure/direct DNS trafic to Adguard so all my routers are using the PI DNS server. 


Trying to wrap my head around how each one should be setup and in what order. What should the Telus router be setup as? I guess the PI would still it's need it's own DNS provided by Telus if it lives as one of the first devices with a switch between the routers / PI to access the Telus Network. 


I'm sure I can figure it out but just like some input. 





Telus normally supports only 2 public IP addresses on non-business accounts. One is taken by their own router/gateway and the other can be used by your own equipment. Having 3 personal routers may not work in this scenario, unless you want to deal with double NAT issues.

What you need is one router that supports VLAN (virtual LAN). You would the set up one VLAN for every segment you planned, and still use only one external IP address, so it would fit into what Telus provides. VLANs are an ideal way to segregate devices into groups that are either fully/partially/not isolated from each other, depending on the rules you set up in the device firewall. Device being the router that supports VLANs.