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Does Optik TV take up my internet speed?

Friendly Neighbour

Recently moved to new place and got 1Gb + Optik TV.

All the devices I have, hard wired directly to the modem, is getting speedtest around 450Mbps, about half of what I should be getting.

Before at my old place, I had same 1Gb plane, no TV, and i was able to get over 900Mbps on same devices...

Only difference now is new place and Optik TV option.

I'm wondering if Optik TV reserves half my speed for TV?

btw, When I'm testing speed, I disconnected all other connections including Optik TV and wireless


Technician is coming over this afternoon to take a look.


Community Power User
Community Power User

Optik does use bandwidth but Telus typically has overhead on most connections to cover it. The only time you may notice any effect is if you are in a 15mbps DSL connection with little or no extra speed available. On gigabit, you would never even notice any impact Optik would have.


If you have disconnected Optik and are still getting the same speeds, then you can easily determine that Optik is not affecting your speed test results. One thing to keep in mind is that not all speed test sites will be able to work with gigabit connections. I'd recommend trying multiple.

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Helpful Neighbour

If by "modem", you mean the Actiontec box, try connecting a single computer to the ONT (mine's a white Nokia box)  when doing a speed test.