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1Gbit gives me only 200Mbit wired? New installation - Help needed!

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I have been a long time Shaw customer. I saw that Telus Gigabit is available for my house and ordered Telus from 10 days.

The technician failed to show me more than 200Mbit wired on his devices (laptop/phone) and tried to convince me that his devices are old.I tried my devices and it shows very limited speed (100-250Mbit). He said that is the usual because my devices are limited. I have Shaw services. I showed him using my devices that Shaw has a higher speed compared to Telus. He left and told me to call Telus support if I still have issues. He reported that my installation is complete. I have one month to decide if I keep Shaw with lower speed subscription (still higher than Telus) but gives what promised and cancel Telus service or I need to continue with Telus hoping one day it can be fixed considering 2-year?

Any tips for support, it will be appreciated. Can this Alcatel-Lucent be old and can not have Fibre? Can my house be not Gigabit ready? What can be wrong?


Community Power User
Community Power User

If you’re not getting the speed you ordered. Call Telus and schedule a service call. If using a computer, make sure the network card supports gigabit.


Wi-Fi devices will never reach peak speeds because of many factors. That being said if you’re on a 1GBps plan you should be seeing 950MBps up and down hard wired. 

You can also download the Telus My WiFi and run a speed test. Your T3200M will let you know what speeds it’s receiving at and you can start to troubleshoot from there.

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