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Computer internet loss when TV box is connected



I have 1 gig fiber and my network is as follows:

fiber modem thingy - router - unmanaged switch (D-Link) - PC and PS4 on the switch.

This setup works at full 1 gig speed.

I wanted to move TV to the same room so I connected my TV box to the same switch and now my PC and PS4 say no internet when TV box is connected to the switch.

TV works as expected; it also works as single device on the switch.

How do I fix it?




You may connect the TV box on the source port of the switch. You can change it to the other port on the switch.

I think I know what you mean but I only have one CAT6 line run to the room and don't fancy opening walls

Community Power User
Community Power User

Is that an OptikTV box or is it some third party box?

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It's an optik TV box

The switch is most likely not ICMP snooping capable. New switch most likely.

I think you might be right it might be multicast traffic just flooding my devices. I ordered managed switch so we will know if a few days


In your testing have you turned the router off the back on?


If not then this test might be informative, with all the devices connected to switch, power router and devices off. Then power the router on, then switch, then pc, ps4, set top box. After turning on pc check connectivity, same for pc 4 and set top box.


If turning on the set top box kills the internet connection for the pc I would suspect the switch.


What port on the router is the cable that runs to the switch connected to.


Yeah I tried all that already. I think Zman might be right in previous post. Thanks