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Can't change address in profile to receive refund

Just Moved In

I've moved to another city and switched to Shaw.  I just checked my final Telus bill and because my bill is prepaid there is a nice refund coming to me.  The problem is, Telus shut down my account options such as changing my address so now the refund will be mailed to my old address.  The only options seems to be to request a call back.  Am I missing something?


Community Power User
Community Power User

Have you set up mail forwarding at the post office?

Else, you’ll need to call.

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One advantage to Telus Business, is that you can put in a service request to do this. For consumer address changes, here's what I'd recommend. I take it your new address doesn't have Telus Fiber availability. Since you switched to Shaw, you can call up Telus Billing department and explain that you need your service address to be updated. Even if you don't order any new services, they would have it on file. Also, ask them if they could send that refund in the form of an e-transfer.