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Billed 15/1 Internet 1 month usage so far entire month 2.68 mbs until now


So after many many many calls to telus they booked a tech to come out to my home second time in 2 months seems they like to book over 2 weeks in advance to even get a tech out to your home.  Tech did something at the DMARC only still only 1 set of wires working.  Tech left to go to central office did something there apparently there is 2 one 9kms away and 1 3 kms away and one 1500 metres if you remove boulder hill.


Tech now is pinned at 5 mbs but say there is some room to move yet starting talking about other things like how he applied at the millitary and rcmp yet still no posting. 


Still haven't received the 15/1 speed and Im out of options how do I get what I paid for this just cost me 100 bucks and the whole month it was 2.68 or so until now and its really strangly pegged at 5 mbs.  


How do I get 15/1 ?


Community Manager
Community Manager

Sorry to hear that. I recommend reaching out to our Tech Support team at 1-888-811-2323 so they can investigate further from their end, and/or look into escalating this to our network team so they can determine what the root issue appears to be.

Well I called in and going to dispatch a tech which would be the 5th visit it seems to deliver the 15 MBS they have been promissing for weeks not I hope the fifth visit the tech finally delivers the speeds they been promissing.  They said it might be a hardware issue as well so they said he might replace the hardware.  Well I guess we will see what the result is after that visit hopefully finally I get full speeds.