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Didnt recieve credit OR promo offer

Hi everyone

I literally just switched from shaw to telus on Thursday. However I was promised x amount in bill credit and a reduced monthly rate. Upon inspection they are demanding almost $180 from me. Should I just pack it up and go back to shaw? This is nuts. I switched to save money not spend more


I would actually recommend contacting Telus support, that to me seems like a billing issue and if they promised you a bill credit it should be there, I have normally  have most those problems fixed just from making a call to there support. 

I requested a call back from them / will be phoning tomorrow if I don't get it. I switched to save money not spend $100 more a month

Update for anyone checking in:

Canceled my service. Agent on the phone could not honor the quote that I received in writing from telus.

Done. Not playing games.