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Backup power for fibre access

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I had fibre installed in my house and then had a power failure after that. When the fibre access was installed battery backup was not included. When the power failed the phone failed as well. Is power backup not included in Alberta anymore?


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Community Power User

Generally no longer included unless you do not have mobility services as well. The expectation is that in an emergency, you are more likely to use your cellphone, because it is closer at hand.


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This is a glossed over topic ((from my experience). when fibre installation is discussed. It appears the local SAC box may have UPS, however, the customer’s premise equipment needs to have a UPS or a power outage will be a service outage. If you have a landline, it will still work during a power outage as long as you are not using an AC powered cordless phone. A move to fibre to support a landline requires a UPS be bought and installed by the customer, the way I understand it. 


Telus will supply a UPS battery backup to ensure Home Phone services are still active in the event of a power outage but the current practice is to only install them if a customer has a basic wired home phone that does not require a powered AC adapter at the base. Most people these days only have cordless phones that would be useless during a power outage but technicians should still ask if you have a basic phone that will work during a power outage and install the UPS if you do.


Call Telus and ask them to come out and install a UPS as you have a basic phone and need it to function during power outages.

Interesting comment that Telus will provide UPS to power fibre termination equipment on a customer’s premise. Telus serve reps do not seem to be aware of this as of a discussion on January 6.  I had a switch to fibre scheduled for next week, which I have asked Telus to cancel due to a number of unanswered questions.