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Arcadyn router issues on power outage

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Hi guys,

I've had Telus Internet in my home since June 2021. I've have constant issues with this router everytime there is a power outage. When it comes back online it doesn't work properly.

For example, some websites will load and some won't. Some devices will connect and some won't. It's an odd issue. I've tried multiple times to reset the router and unplug/reply after a few minutes.

What I've done to fix the issue is, either wait it out over a few days (it'll fix itself) or call a Telus rep to try and fix it on their end (sometimes they are unsuccessful).

I've had the router changed out to the latest
version Arcadyn late last year. They said that would fix the issues.

I recently had a power outage and same issue again! Its been two days now and it driving me nuts. I'm honestly ready to switch to see Shaw but I don't want it.

I do not run VPN or anything like that. We are on 1gb fiber.

Just Moved In
Seems I can't edit my post. I meant to write I will unplug and replug in the router after a few minutes.


Hi Girn,


How often does that happen? everyday? What kind of gateway or router do you have currently?

Community Power User
Community Power User

Are the devices connecting to the network? You can check by going to and looking at the list that populates.

Have you more than one router? If a secondary router starts before the main one, devices will get an IP address from it, bypassing the primary router.


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Reorder a fibre install, and tell the guy you want a Technicolor FXA5000 modem to replace the Arcadyan one. What is likely happening, is that your Arcadyan modem is having issues servicing DNS requests because its cache is using an older IP address not yet released in cache to do so. Due to ARP not being enabled on Telus's back end for your address, which is meant to solve this issue. This is what is bringing up the intermittent connectivity issues. Arcadyan modems never get firmware updates either, making this problem apparent even more so.