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Horrible Internet Reliability at late/early times of the day


I'm attempting to report an underlying issue of ever decreasing reliability of Telus Internet in my area. I would have made a support ticket, however, the home & services button doesn't work(I've waited a few months now for it to be fixed, and it hasn't), and I can only report an outage with options that don't apply, as well as the 1000-character cap.


The issue is with internet stability(wired & non-wired). For the past few years, there has been an apparent underlying issue of internet speed being unreliable, especially at late/extremely early times of the day. It has gotten progressively worse over time to the point where some weeks it happens every night and the duration of the failing internet reliability can is ever increasing. The issue is the internet(wired & non-wired) being extremely unreliable starts around a specific time, around 12am - 2am. The internet tends to cut out for 1-6 hours where nothing will load on multiple devices(low overall bandwidth usage, checked using diagnostic tools). One second it can be 50mbps/10mbps download/upload and the next second it will be too slow even to run a speed test/open any website which will last a few hours/95% of the time. Even when the internet regains reliability and goes back up to 50mbps/10mbps, it's for such a short duration nothing can load in time before it switches back to download & upload being so low that it can't even load/run a speed test because it can even ping a server to initiate a speed test. This issue appears across multiple devices as well both ranging from wired and non-wired that don't have this issue with internet in other areas/from other providers. 


This area still uses copper wires, so I assume with there's an issue with the copper wiring or the modem. However, over the years we have gotten different modems and this problem was slightly noticeable(occurring once a month) with many previous generations of modems. As well as using diagnostic tools built into the admin panel access via default gateway it appears all modules/system checks are returning just fine. Which makes it ever more apparent that it is probably the copper wiring. It just has gotten progressively worse where it's ever more noticeable due to its increasing frequency and longer extended downtime/unreliability. It also appears I'm not the only one because when I use cellular on my phone to check down detector for my city, the same time I'm experiencing a problem there also appears to be a slight spike in reports, however, the spike isn't that extreme cause I live in a not so large city, it's 12am-6am, and my area is still one of the few areas without fibre despite all the neighbourhoods boarding my neighbourhood had fibres for years now. However, by the appearance of the down detector report heatmaps, my area seems to be reporting vastly more. 


Why should we be charged increasing prices for decreasing reliability? If the prices are ever increasing as well despite Telus refusing the install fibre wiring in this area, then how come it appears the copper wiring is being neglected and lacking much-needed maintenance? If the copper wiring is being neglected for the idea of eventual total replacement to transition fibre optics, why has it been years of waiting and this issue has gotten progressively worst?


Also, the fact I'm posting this here and can't create a ticket due to the button being broken for months shows how much Telus cares about its customers and the seriousness of the ever-decreasing reliability of their services.



For clarification since I've looked into this for a while. 

  • None of the devices has firewall conflicts(antivirus and internet routing), the firewall directory on the admin panel is also set to default.
  •  I've reset the modem/router numerous times, I'll leave it off for an hour to try to force an ip change or even release it using the admin panel(doesn't even work 90% of the time) and the issue continues to persist.
  •  Using diagnostic software & whatever tools the admin/default gateway panel has I've checked the bandwidth of the entire network and it's extremely low. So low it shouldn't be causing any issues.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello. I recommend reaching out to our Tech Support team at 1-888-811-2323 so they can investigate further from their end and/or look into dispatching a repair tech to your home.


I second the tech support - get them to check the connection on the pole.  When I had DSL/copper, I had intermittent issue from slowness to mini outages of 5 minutes or so - turned out that there was a wasp nest in the box on the pole!  After that was removed, my internet was stable.