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3G sunset date


Have rec'd a letter from Telus (late Nov 2022) advising that I must upgrade my 3G security system because support of the 3G network is scheduled to be shut down. Am trying to find the sunset date Telus has set for its 3G support. (Have not found specific info on site but I may be looking in the wrong place...) Thx.  


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Telus, Bell, and Rogers have announced that they are planning to shut down 3G service. Forbes reported that it would be in December 2022, other sites were reporting 2025. If they do shut down 3G service, it would be best for Bell, Telus, and Rogers to plan to shut the 3G network down at the end of the year, on New Year's Eve 2025. This way, companies like Tesla and ADT have more time to upgrade their customers to 4G LTE systems. TELUS also says that less than 1% of it's network traffic still runs on 3G. But that's just the beginning. Many home alarm systems from burglar to fire, to medical alert could also stop working, and some people won't notice until it's too late. If someone has a 3G fire alarm system, and there's a fire emergency, the fire department won't come. If they have a fall detector that uses 3G, and they fall over, help won't come take that person to the hospital. If you are planning a road trip in 2022? Before you leave, you want to check your car's roadside assistance system. It might stop working, too. Some services like GM OnStar and Toyota Safety Connect, are alerting owners of certain car models to the issue. I do think that Telus should shut down their 3G network, but i think that it is too dangerous for them to do that, as it would mean that seniors would have to upgrade their home alarm systems, people still using 3G devices will have to upgrade to 4G LTE or 5G phones, and people might have to upgrade their car's roadside assistance system. I am also concerned that when 3G service ends, some people won't be able to call 9-1-1. If they try to connect once their provider's 3G goes away, they will simply get a message that they are unable to connect, and that the network's not available.