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3 Hrs of my day today trying to upgrade my phone and plan

Just Moved In

Today I tried to:

- upgrade my iPhone online via Telus Hub. It wasn't working

- so I walked down to the nearest Telus - they recommended instead that I call customer service

- called customer service and waited for 2hrs - explained my situation again, and they couldn't upgrade my phone because their networks wouldn't work and that I should try it online

- I tried online again and it didn't work

- they told me they would call back in an hr - they didn't. 


Are you folks actively trying not to get $?


Today was frustrating 


Community Manager
Community Manager

@jam2 Yikes - definitely frustrated for you. There was an issue that caused delays in our sales transactions but it was resolved around 12:30 PM (PT). You must've been caught up in that. On behalf of TELUS, sorry you had to go through that.