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sometimes, I want to turn mute or down the volume of just the Optik on the Go window, not my whole PC. Can you add a volume slider (similar to Shaw's Free Range PC)?

Community Power User
Community Power User

Judging by Telus' recent post on the coming PikTV updates, that feature is likely coming soon.


Pik TV on your browser


In mid-Aprilwe will be upgrading the Pik TV browser experience. The first time you access the new Pik TV browser, you will need to log back in with your My TELUS credentials. Forgot your username or password? You can reset it at


Some of the improvements that you can expect include:

  • Enhanced control with keyboard shortcuts:
    • Use the spacebar to pause or resume playback
    • Use the left and right arrows to rewind or fast-forward
    • Use the up and down arrows to increase or decrease the volume
  • The ability to control the volume or mute the audio feed within the player
  • Improved navigation so that you can get to the content you want, faster

You can continue accessing the Pik TV browser experience by navigating to If you have bookmarked the Pik TV browser site, you will need to update your bookmarks after the update.


Hi @mopudding 


Thanks for the idea! I have forwarded your suggestion to our On the Go team 🙂