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1) allow us to watch recorded shows on our device instead of only on the TV. Shaw let’s us do that and it’s really handy. I can record shows my husband hates and watch them while I’m doing chores. Forcing me to only watch them on the TV keeps me in one room…
2) please put a progress bar when skipping through shows. It’s so handy to know how far along the show is, for so many reasons. I see the progress bar when I pause but I miss having it when I skip through commercials (like Shaw has).
3) consider having a folder on the PVR called “Deleted Recordings” and when you delete a show, it goes there (instead of “poof!”. That way it can be recovered within a few days if it is needed again, or if it was deleted in error. I miss that feature that Shaw had.

Thanks for everything else - otherwise I love my experience with Telus.
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HI @Bigmom 

Thanks for the suggestions! We have merged your ideas with a previous post 🙂