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I'm really disappointed that you discontinued My Zen TV.  My children and I watched it regularly weather it was for inspirational stories, self care, cooking, etc.  You have taken away something that has added great value into our lives.

Community Power User
Community Power User

Channels are usually dropped for one of a few reasons. Telus hasn't said which one it is but it's more often than not, the first one:

  1. Very few people subscribing to it, or not enough subscribers to cover the cost to offer the channel.
  2. The broadcaster themselves opted to cancel.
  3. The channel/broadcaster shut down. It's rare but can happen as it did last year with a number of Corus owned channels shutting down.
  4. The CRTC yanked the license / approval for the channel. (not in this case since it's still listed as of Jan 22nd)
  5. Other. 

You can still subscribe to MyZen TV on their website but it's in Euros. Cheapest is  give or take $4.30 CAD per month. Can be watched on many different platforms.

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