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Status: Closed

I have run into issues with the IVR. Either I go to the wrong group when I specify another group or get routed it accidently heard. Can we have a return to main menu feature like they do for voicemail? Or make it a list of services TELUS offers and branch down. 

Business or Home

Scan the phone number used

If its attached to an account, it lists the accounts its attached to 

Billing or Tech Support

Then the category you need

TV/Internet/Home Phone/Mobility/Security/MyCare/TOS/multiple services


If you make a mistake we should have an option to hear what route we went to ensure we wait in the correct queue. Its to help with being transferred to the correct group that can help us.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @Kepora Thanks for the suggestion! I have sent your feedback to our IVR team. 

Status changed to: Closed
Community Manager
Community Manager