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Wrong Business Internet Invoices

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I've encountered billing discrepancies with Telus, resulting in what seems to be overcharges for my account. The details reveal a pattern of being double charged for each billing cycle. Specifically, my invoice from December 7 was $94.50, with a due date of January 7, which I paid promptly on January 4. Subsequently, the invoice I received on January 7 amounted to $189, which included a balance carried over from the December 7 invoice, despite my payment. After reaching out to customer service, I was advised to delay my payment until after February 7 to allow for corrections. Following this guidance, I made a payment of $189 on February 8, covering the months of January and February.

Anticipating that the next bill for March would be $94.50, I was surprised to receive a bill on February 9 for $191.84, which included a late fee of $2.84. This bill again carried over the balance from the previous billing period and added an extra charge of $94.50, indicating an overbilling of $189.


To summarize, my payments were as follows: November at $4.50 (thanks to a first-month-free promotion), December at $94.50, and a combined payment for January and February of $189. Given these payments, the late fee was unwarranted, and my subsequent bill should have solely covered the month of March, recognizing that my February dues had been cleared.


Furthermore, I attempted to address this issue through the "billing inquiry" form on the My Telus platform, but repeatedly encountered a message stating, "We were unable to submit your form due to technical issues. Please try again." This has compounded my frustration, as it has hindered my ability to seek a resolution directly through the available customer service channels.

I have meticulously compiled all related invoices and payment confirmations to illustrate these billing concerns.


Given the challenges I've faced, not only with the billing discrepancies but also with the technical barriers in communicating through the "billing inquiry" form on My Telus, my frustration has significantly increased. As a very small business owner, it's crucial for me to manage expenses efficiently and transparently. However, these billing issues and the lack of accessible customer service support have left me at a loss. I am not sure where to turn to escalate this matter further or how to seek proper resolution.


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They have messed up my bill completely this month...

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Try this, Senthi-try the escalation option contained in the ‘Contact Us’ section at the page bottom, or try to contact them through Twitter @TELUSSupport.

I attempted to address the issue through Twitter, where I was promised a phone call, but unfortunately, that call never came. This led me to contact customer service for the third time in a month, only to be met with the same assurances. Subsequently, I received a message indicating that an account (*****3772) had been unlinked from my My TELUS profile, effectively preventing me from accessing it via My TELUS. This change occurred on February 12, 2024. Since I did not authorize this modification, I plan to wait until tomorrow, and if the issue persists, I will follow your suggestion and escalate the matter through the "Contact Us" option.

Community Manager
Community Manager

I'll reply to your private message now, thanks.