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Telus Business eFax

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We are a new business who has signed up for VoIP with Telus. The business plan comes with an eFax service that can be used through the Business Connect App. Our Fax # is the same as our Phone #.

We are in a fax-heavy business and would like to integrate our fax into our main business software. However, the soft-ware requires us to have SRFax (online fax service) or FaxTalk (3rd party T.38 faxing system) to interface with.

We see that FaxTalk can be used with a variety of other T.38 fax providers by adding the SIP server, username, password, and other info into FaxTalk. However, I'm having trouble connecting the Telus eFax to FaxTalk. Support has been able to provide me with the SIP information required to connect to an ATA adapter - which I cannot connect to using FaxTalk. They say they do not have any SIP information for connecting to a third party app - unsure if it would be different.


Does anyone have any experience with this or is anyone able to guide me how I'd be able to do this or if it's even possible?
If not, our alternative would be switching to SRFax -- but I'm assuming this means we'd need to get a new fax number as our current number is the same as our phone number and I don't think it would be possible to port just the fax of this number. Can anyone confirm if this is a possibility?


Thank you


Community Manager
Community Manager

This is definitely a unique use-case. Have you tried to reach out to FaxTalk support directly to inquire if they have any specific instructions or workarounds for integrating with Telus eFax