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Want to consolidate multiple phone (fax) numbers onto one existing land-line

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Hi All


We are trying to consolidate all of our various historical fax numbers (3) onto a single existing fax machine (one of those numbers), presently on a Telus Business land line.  We don't need distinctive/smart ring - we just need incoming calls on those 3 numbers to ring on, and be answered by, a single fax machine.


Does Telus offer this service?  If so, what is the additional cost for additional numbers on the same line, and what is the process to get it done?






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Community Power User

I'm not too familiar with business offerings but I would thinkg that call forwarding on the two other numbers may be an option to explore. You may be best off calling Telus or chatting with them directly.

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Thanks for the reply.


We are looking to abandon the lines (and associated costs) altogether, and just keep the phone numbers and one line, so a call forward isn't really an option (was my first thought too).  


I guess I'll have to call Telus directly and chat.





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Fax is difficult. Voice can be moved to voice over IP at low cost, but usually does not manage fax calls very well. You could check some VoIP suppliers and see if they can do Fax.

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Yes they can provision the numbers with Remote Call forwarding or sometimes call Central Office forwarding.

Price is $29/mo 

CRTC Tarriff notice is tn-385  Item 655.3


The numbers are programmed to forward to a specific phone number but are not physical lines.


But.  You can port the numbers to another cheaper VOIP provider if you prefer and do the same call fowarding trick for much less.