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Resolved! quotation of the service

DearI, the manager of FEELTHEONE, a company duly organized in Toronto, Ontario and it is existing under the laws of Canada and registered with Canada Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission, (“CRTC”) as a BITS licensee.(#8190-Y13-201316274...

rohjy1 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Requestfor companyand/or prodcut offer presentation

Hi TELUS, Thankyou for this forum. I would like to submit my companyportfolio for futurereference.RE: a) events,lights &sounds b)promotionalgiveaways. Thankyouand more power toTELUS Barbara MatiasSTATIONID0927503007809331746110

Resolved! antivirus

How to make your computer free from virus? Suggest some antivirus

Resolved! woundering about basic cable etc

can u please call me about cable tv and internet please.. i would like to sign up for it please and thanks....

teena by Just Moved In
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Resolved! unsupported

why can't I communicate with anyone on weekends for a business account? Lord knows we pay enough. Also some of the web sites say we can but that is bogus.what if a phone is stolen on the weekend. no helpwhat if IT department is doing maintenance on w...

Denton by Just Moved In
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emails aborted on sending

I have a client who I have been emailing for years. They contunue to be able to send me emails and I receive them. But if I respond or even iniatate a fresh email to them - I get an error message that the email was 'aborted after X number of seconds'...

integcom by Just Moved In
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Resolved! One Phone Number Landline with different extension number to call

Hi, Hi, my company has a business plan with Telus, and we use Panasonic KX-TES824 for our telephone system. However, we encounter a problem, and that problem is that two people cannot call at the same time even though each person has been set up with...

viny3n by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Fax/business line problem

At my bsuiness we have a phone line and a fax line.Our fax number is different then our phone line number.When someone calls the store, for some reason our answering machine isnt kicking in after a few rings. Instead it rings a few times and then mak...

brittanys by Just Moved In
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