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Business Anywhere is false advertising


Business Anywhere

Telus Freedom


Most restricted customers

1. Even the Canadian government has figured out this interweb thing. Heck, Telus landline bills for the single line business customers (the "lowest of the low" as I remember being) were online years ago. As a personal customer you even have to PAY for paper billing.  

Business Anywhere Reality: You better hope Canada Post delivers your bill on time because you've only got a few days to get the bill and pay it and you can only question it from Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm excluding holidays in between.

2. According to Telus Business Anywhere Overview

Save by bundling all of your business phone services in one convenient package with Business Anywhere®. Get just one bill for two smartphone plans and your office phone line. 

Business Anywhere Reality: You don't get one bill - not one complete bill. You get a bill that has 90% of the information. You get to see the totals of what you owe, the details of landline calling, etc but the tricky part is if you want to know what all those mysterious extra smartphone charges are you have to then go online and find it that way. You get, say, 90% of a bill.

3. Don't count on support via the phone or chat or email from anyone except the very specific group who are the "dedicated" business anywhere folk. It's like you don't even exist to the others. You are part of that black box they keep stored in that other building where there is no communication or sharing of information between departments. The others have heard about you, they mostly know you exist, but they cannot help you. 

4. It's an "agreement" not a "contract"

Apparently my bill can jump another $5/month because it is an agreement not a contract. Strange.... when I go online to find information on the smartphone billing it clearly refers to my CONTRACT. The minimum CONTRACT amount I must commit to. 

What does this mean?

I have no choice but to commit to Telus for the service but they don't have to make a commitment to me. If I disagree with their increase I can cancel but how does that really help me? 

If I did not need Telus landline for my business alarm system - I would have left Telus Small Business years ago. Unfortunately, their monopoly is there and I beg for Shaw to come in but not yet.

Telus PERSONAL Mobility was always great. I loved them. 

Business Anywhere unfortunately has proven to be the opposite. I was told I could see my bill online, using the same online account info I'd used for years, but they forgot to mention that it isn't really my bill. I was told I would get all this dedicated support - but neglected to mention that it is only from a very small group of people and significantly more restricted times and methods.

You are not supposed to falsely advertise when you sell a product. But Business Anywhere is exactly that.