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Static IP setup? Telus not helping much

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We opened up an office in Canada. I am in Houston. I am walking through someone remotely on hooking up stuff by Telus is not helping me much with details on setting up static IP.


I am trying to get instruction from Telus on how to setup our fortigate firewall on the static IP we bought from Telus. We do not want to our their router. We have our own.


The guy on chat seems to not know all that much about static IP setup.


Can anyone that has had experience with this let me know the following...


Telus has two devices (device 1 that the fiber goes into, outputs cat 5 port). And (device 2 which looks like a firewall/router that has wifi. Can I ditch the router/firewall and hook my firewall direct to the device 1 that fiber goes into?


I asked 100 times if my firewall needs to be set to DHCP or the static IP needs to be manually entered. They didn't understand the question.. So WAN port on my firewall DHCP or MANUAL?


We got 5 static IPs.. but are not given a block? They just wanted the mac of the firewall. So is it not traditional where we get a block? Or do they just randomly assign us static IP when we request it by registering a firewall? With ATT/Comcast etc we just get a block and do whatever we want with it. Telus didn't understand this question either...


We have 10 phones through telus. Can these be behind my firewall? As long as they have internet somehow they will work? Or do they need to be hooked up to the telus router somehow with a switch?


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @silicon_dt 

This article about how to set up the static IP might be of help:


If that doesn't answer the question, we recommend calling our tech support.