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Online Payment With Debit VIsa Card


We have tried to use our Debit Visa card for online payment and it does not work.


Is this feature going to be added?


And or why don't you have a PayPal payment as an option either as an alternative. 


Thank You


Community Power User
Community Power User

From my experience with Visa Debit cards where I work, the mailing address for the bank account and the address on file with the merchant (ie Telus) has to match exactly or the transaction fails. It may be the same issue here.


PayPal is an American payment company. It is fully unregulated, uninsured (ie FDIC/CDIC), and there have been tons of horror stories over the years of problems people had with PayPal. Plus PayPal has it's own fees for both merchants and end users. People are unhappy with the 1.75% fee for cards here now but PayPal charges more. (2.90% + their fixed fee.)

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Community Power User
Community Power User

I just make a deferred payment through my online banking as soon as I review the bill. Takes no more effort than paying with a card. I could have set up automatic debit, but this method forces me to review the bill.

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