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Tips For a Sustainable Fall Season




Written by @Fabylous 


Fall is here and with the temperature change and approaching holiday season, there’s something magical about this time. The colourful leaves and crisp morning air. Thanksgiving and Halloween. Fall definitely brings a bit of joy and mystery. It’s also the perfect time to recycle, reuse, or repurpose some items around the house. So grab your pumpkin spice latte and favorite sweater, and check out our tips on how to spend a sustainable Fall season!

Inside The House


On the first chilly night, we’re tempted to crank the thermostat a few more degrees to warm up the house. It’s tricky when you go to sleep and wake up cold, but notice the afternoon feels like summer again! Using a nice warm throw to crawl under or layering with a thick sweater and some good socks is always an option. You can keep those higher hydro bills at bay by finding other ways to keep yourself warm.  


Your air conditioning was quite useful during summer wasn’t it? With the colder days however, it may be time to store it away and open your windows a crack while the sun’s up to get fresh air in. Since we’re on the subject of windows, take a few minutes once it cools back down to go around the house and make sure all your windows are shut and sealed properly to avoid drafts.  


If you’ve got a furnace, make sure you give it a clean before turning it on for the first time this year. Many forget to do this, but a clean furnace reduces energy consumption and saves you money! 


Lastly, now that your home is ready for the colder days, it’s also a great time to go through those closets and drawers. If you haven’t worn something for a long time or have no intention to, it’s always a great idea to give some items away to family and friends, on Facebook marketplace. Of course, if they’re in great condition, donating them is a fantastic option as well!  


Outside The House


If you have a garden, it’s also the perfect time to harvest your produce. You can preserve your goods by putting them in cans, and all those herbs can be dried and used throughout the colder season. Some potted flowers can be kept inside until it’s warmer out to add more life and colour to your home for those gloomy grey days. You’ll also save money come next Spring by keeping them inside until it’s time to take them back out again!  


As the leaves change colour and fall, it’s definitely a beautiful time. Leaves are beneficial to the ecosystem and harmless to keep on your lawn. Raking them into a huge pile will definitely be your best option if you have a certain pet or child that needs something to jump into! Leaves can get messy though, and even stain your home or porch so if you do take care of them, you can always use them for Halloween decorations. Be sure to discard any unwanted leaves through your compost afterwards!


Speaking of Halloween, every year brings another opportunity for interesting costume ideas. You can always recycle old costumes or make new ones with various items around the house. It’s a great creative activity to do with your family. And remember a pillowcase is the best candy bag; it’s big, sturdy and fun! 


The last thing you can care for is your car.  Did you know you can reduce your carbon footprint with a well maintained car? Check your tires and if you don’t have to change them, make sure they have the right amount of pressure. Do a rotation of your tires as well if possible; this will make your tires last longer and improve your gas mileage. 

Now that you have a few tips and tricks for a sustainable Fall season you can enjoy this pumpkin spice latte recipe and crawl under that warm throw. Have any other awesome sustainable Fall ideas or tips? Share them in the comments below!