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Crave on TELUS - October 2022


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Hello again, friends! Hope everyone's doing well and the cooler autumn weather! If you're not aware, the Crave + Movies + HBO package on Optik TV is the place to be for must-see HBO and Showtime series, amazing Crave originals, and of course the latest and greatest Hollywood blockbusters. Get caught up on the almost endless catalogue of classic HBO shows like Billions, The Handmaid's Tale, and Game of Thrones. Everything is also available via On Demand, online, and through the Crave app. How awesome is that?


Let's see what's headed our way in October, as well as what I'm currently watching!



Most Anticipated


The White Lotus (Season 2)


The White Lotus returns for another anticipated season, this time set in Sicily. What began as a limited one-season show set in Hawaii has now fortunately returned for another dramatic, cliffhanger-filled run set in Italy! The White Lotus is the acclaimed anthology series (each episode is a different story with different characters set in the same location) that took the world by storm with its pitch perfect cast and intriguing stories. The first season was truly great, if not a bit uncomfortable to watch. That's the point of the series however, to tell stories that may be uncomfortable to watch...though they're unmistakably compelling.



Where this show really shines is its character development and story, which is filled with so many plot twists it'll leave you clamoring to see what happens next. Watching the world and lives of these normal people in the luxurious White Lotus resort start to spiral out of control made for must-see TV. Now with a dynamic new cast and setting, the second season is sure to be just as bingeworthy as the first and you can witness it all when The White Lotus delivers another powerful season on October 30!




Currently Watching


The Handmaid's Tale (Season 5)


If you're not watching The Handmaid's Tale, you are 100% missing out on one of the best series ever. Based on the classic 1985 novel by Margaret Atwood, this is top-tier television at its very finest. Set in a world where fertility rates have collapsed as a result of disease and pollution, the totalitarian government of Gilead rules all in what remains of the United States. After a brutal civil war, women are subjugated and forced to work in limited roles and slaves. Unable to own property, have careers, handle money, or even read. The main character June (the fantastic Elisabeth Moss) lives as a Handmaid for the Gileadan Commander and his wife, her daughter taken and given to an upper-class family to raise as their own, and her husband gone after fleeing into Canada. In this terrible world, she struggles to be reunited with her family and lead a revolt against the flagrant injustice that controls her world.



I'm about halfway through this latest season and somehow it's the best one yet. The genre is filled with many similar stories, but few if any play out as well as The Handmaid's Tale. It's undeniably frightening to see how easily our society can fall into such a dark place, and how fine a line we walk to it all the time. It's a dystopian future that is harrowing to watch, but it makes for an incredible story. No other show running today is as suspenseful as this one, and to see how much danger June is constantly in is edge-of-your-seat stuff to be sure. Your best bet would be to start from the beginning if you've never seen this, as it's a story that's unmissable. Fortunately, it's already been announced that there'll be a sixth and final season to tell the end of the story, and I can't wait. All 5 seasons of The Handmaid's Tale are streaming on Crave right now, check it out!



Let me know if you plan on watching something new or if there's something you're hooked on right now in the comments below!


ICYMI: Not subscribed yet? No problem! You can add the Crave + Movies + HBO package to your Optik TV experience at any time! Find out more here!