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Community Manager


TELUS is leading the pack when it comes to call filtering, a service that is significantly more effective at blocking spam/robocalls than universal call blocking. TELUS launched our popular and free Call control feature available for home phone and wireless postpaid customers nationally. Helping block the majority of auto-dialed calls from reaching customers.


How does Call Control work?


The new calling feature requires unknown callers to listen to a brief message and manually respond with a one-digit code. For example, a first-time dialer trying to connect to a customer with the Call Control feature will be greeted with a brief message stating “this number has Call Control – to get through, please press 9.” The number is randomly generated. Once the digit is pressed, the call will connect.


What if a legitimate call is trying to get through?


Family and friends don’t need to respond to the Call Control every time, because the system remembers the numbers that recently passed the test. In addition, you can maintain lists of numbers that should always be allowed or always blocked through your myTELUS account. Adding legitimate auto-dial callers (like your doctor’s office for appointment reminders, or your child’s school) to your allowed list will be important – as these calls would otherwise never get through.


Call Control allows customers to list up to 25 phone numbers on their accepted callers' list, and up to 25 on their blocked callers' list. Numbers on the accepted callers' list will not hear the message or have to insert the one-digit code.


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