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home security issue cameras not working with dangerous activity in area

Just Moved In

We have had TELUS for years, home security, tv and internet and recently switched over our mobile.


We have had minor issues throughout the years, some fixed and some not. We have had issues with our security before.. 


RECENTLY we have needed multiple recordings of our yard, driveway etc. and OH shocker - NOPE.. We have edited our recording rules, our field of capture, what is caught and all that. I am not dumb at this - I know how to set it up. BUT in order for us to cancel, and get cameras that ACTUALLY work when you need them... you have to pay almost $1,000. For you to cancel, something that doesn't work... OH and then when you want someone to come repair something that ALSO costs you almost $200. 


To do some trouble shooting, you have to be transferred to 1583 people apparently, and then you have to troubleshoot it yourself 🙂 


If something would have happened to my kids, or my dog with the stuff that has happened this week, I swear to G, Telus would have some serious issues!!!!! When the police need some assistance, and you go to your cameras to help and only 1/4 CAMERAS CAUGHT 5 seconds of it, at best, COOL. Useful F * cking Cameras.


So I am curious, who's security system actually works with Telus when you need it?! NOT OURS!


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Hi @lajeunesse - When our cameras are not working properly we are certainly on the hook for fixing them or replacing them. 


Did you go ahead with the technician dispatch? The rules have changed for the dispatch fee but if it's an issue with our equipment you are not responsible for the fee.


Expect a message from me soon so I can see what else we can do to help you