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When does Telus stop supporting 3G?


I received a letter from Telus Security today.  It creates a call to action for me to upgrade my security system.  Some quotes:


"...the 3G network that is being retired across the telecommunication industry"

"You have not yet booked this important upgrade appointment"

"Telus will not be able to monitor your premises or call the authorities...if you do not upgrade"


The letter is silent on the 3G sunset date, but it seems from some quick research that the Telus sunset date is December 31 2025.  Is this correct?


If so, then creating a sense of urgency for me to upgrade (at a cost to me) so far ahead of the sunset date is extremely misleading.  I understand that Telus may not want everyone to upgrade from 3G at once.  But that's a "TELUS problem", not a "me problem"... If Telus wants to clear spectrum for the benefit of creating 5G capacity and the benefits that provides, why should I be paying related costs to do it early and lessen the upgrade burden for Telus??


If I am wrong and the sunset date is earlier, then please point me to that communication on the site.  I was unable to find any reference to it here.




Community Power User
Community Power User

There's no concrete date announced yet from any carrier that I could find. It could be 2025 or it could be sooner. Forbes reported back in May 2022 that "Bell, Telus and Rogers will all stop supporting 3G on December 31, 2022.". Other sites are reporting 2025. We'll only find out the exact date when the carriers actually announce it.


The Americans have already shut down most of their 3G networks. Canada will follow suit eventually.

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Similar to timc995. Been told by Telus that I must upgrade now because Telus'  support of 3G will stop as of Dec 31 2022. Am not comfortable with the urgency of this (letter received from Telus at the end of Nov 2022 was not date specific). Have also not yet been able to find any specific reference to the sunset date Telus has set for its 3G support.

I contacted Telus support.  They pointed me to a Telus web page that described the US shutdown, and how that would affect ROAMING for telus users.  I pointed out that my home security system does not ROAM... They were unable to provide any relevant sunset date or other (non-US related) information other than that page.


Thx for the info. BTW, I was contacted by another Telus sales rep this past friday regarding upgrading my 3G security system. I asked that she provide me with any sunset date that has been set by Telus as to when it will no longer be providing 3G support.  I indicated I wanted this info because the only reason I was considering upgrading my system at this point in time is because of Telus' Nov 2022 letter which indicated that if i do not upgrade to 4G, my 3G security system will no longer function. The sales rep didn't know the the answer but she did agree to check and let me know.  (Without this info, its difficult for the customer to make a well reasoned decision. It's too bad Telus didn't provide more clarity on this point when it sent out its letter advising that we needed to book an appointment for a mandatory upgrade of our 3G security systems.)