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Telus door to door sales Oakville

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Telus door to door Sales

Had a 'Telus representative' knock on the door and ask about switching over my cell phone, home internet and security services.

Ultimately said no and he left. He didn't go to my neighbor and was pacing on his phone for 10 mins outside.

I checked my home address and Telus isn't a provider (only Cogeco and Bell are).

He also had no idea what the costs for the security packages were when I asked him, and when he asked my speed (1 gb) he mentioned they could match it don't see it on their website.

Just felt strange, has anyone else had door to door sales people from Telus knock on the door?

Oakville Ontario Jan 9th around 6pm.

Community Power User
Community Power User

While Telus does have door to door sales reps in many areas in Canada, I would assume they'd have basic knowledge about the available services they are trying to sell in a given region. Last I heard, Telus only has home internet in a very, very tiny part of Ontario and it's not near Oakville.

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