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Customer Rep Not Answering


I had a door-to-door salesman come to my house 2-3 weeks ago and offered me a bundle that included 2 sim cards, wifi, and a security system. We had agreed that the total would be about ~230, I confirmed with him more than once that there are no activation or charging fees, and he confirmed. They installed and the security and things are good but i have two issues. One is the wifi installation appointment was supposed to be last week but they didn't showed up, I texted and called the salesman but he stopped answering after i asked about the wifi issue. Second problem is my bill came out to ~600 including some installation fees and things that I haven't agreed to. Can someone assist us with this?


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @mszawal 


We are unable to access accounts here on community, you will have to contact our customer care, so they can look into it



@mszawal  I had a problem a couple years ago. My solution use phone  ask or billing  --- live agent  ----- return call --keep asking for that over and over again you will get there. If they want to transfer say no more holds or take the chance. Start first thing monday 8 am might be 9 am stay on it. All my dealings with telus is hard copy so i know all the costs and what i am getting and a RETURN EMAIL  CONTACT IN THE EMAIL.... Good luck Polecat