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Security App not sending Signal to Activate Alarm


As of yesterday (June 22) my mobile app stopped sending the signal to activate the home alarm. My whole family is experiencing the same problem. Activating via the panel works fine, but not using the phone. We also have the garage door activation, but there's no problem there.The other app features, such as cameras are all working fine. When activating the alarm via the app, the shield logo just continues to flash slowly before giving way to a message that says, 'Your command has not been received by the partition1. We will keep on trying to connect. Go to the activity history to see the most recent activity.' 

If anyone has experienced this, or have any solutions, please respond. Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks!Screenshot 2024-06-23 at 12.01.24 PM.jpeg


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @NeatFreak2687 - Have you tried rebooting your panel?