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Power Failure Notifications


Previously, when a power outage occurred, we would receive an email (and phone) notification from on behalf of Telus-ADT Security. First, an email/notification flagging that there was an outage. Then shortly after, a notification that x% of customers within 2km are reporting a power outage. This second notification was very handy -- identifying the extent of the outage in the area. And, after the outage, an email identifying that power was restored.


Recently, we had our account transferred fully to Telus (part of the final integration of ADT into the Telus system). Last night we had a power outage. We received an email (and phone notification) alerting us to a power outage. (The email is sent from [email protected] (vs previous ones from [email protected]).)  But we did not receive an email to say x% of customers within 2km are reporting a power outage. Power was restored within about 20 minutes (we were notified of that), and possibly the short timeframe for the outage meant that we did not receive the email explaining the extent of the outage.


I am just wondering if other users, having transitioned their account recently to Telus / Telus Smart Home App, if you received a second email after a power outage, reporting x% of customers within 2km are reporting a power outage. This is a very handy piece of information to receive to tell customers about the extent of an outage. It would be appreciated if Telus could look to continue to provide these extent of outage emails for power outages to customers going forward, if at all possible. It would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.



Community Power User
Community Power User

I'm not a migrated customer, and have received the x% message in the past. We haven't had a power outage in many months, so cannot comment on recent situations. Our utility posts outage maps, and the local jungle telegraph is pretty quick as well to ask about outage extent.


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