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My previous number is used by other person on app with my name

I wish I can find a solution.
I have recently seen my previous number being used by another person and on Whatsapp, the person is using my name too!!
I previously used to have WhatsApp for that number, and before I cancel the number I made sure that I deactivated my account.
However now I see it works again and it was strange that the new user changed the name to mine!
I tried to contact WhatsApp company and they didn’t help at all.
How can I solve that.
I am not sure what to do.


Community Power User
Community Power User

Unfortunately that is not an issue that Telus would have any control over. It is something you'd have to deal with WhatsApp directly on. Since you no longer have that phone number, WhatsApp probably won't do anything. There have been family impersonation scams popping up on WhatsApp and this may be what it is but you'd need to find a way to report that specific issue to them if it applies.

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