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Installing cameras


We have some cheap Wyze Cams which I was thinking of replacing with Telus cameras.  If I was to buy some compatible cams is setting them up similar to the Wyze Cams? 
Are they integrated at all to our current Telus alarm system?  I know I can add hardware through the telus alarm panel.

(Hopefully these camera are a little better than Wyze Cams?) 


Community Manager
Community Manager

I"m not sure if this is the answer you're looking for but check out this support page to look over compatible cameras (including installation instructions). 

Hi @Fisherguy Not exactly sure what Telus system you are using but I have TelusSmartHome Security plus. Which comes with 1 camera + 2 smart devices.


Camera quality is okay at best... Maximum resolution is 1920 x 1080 @ 30 frames per second which I use to record to my self purchased and installed 256Gb SD card 24/7 on a loop/overwrite.


The 'Live' feed and 'cloud recording' restricts those views and recordings to medium quality 1280 x 720 @ just 5 FPS. The camera is not capable of running ALL those 3 tasks at maximum resolution. I figure the 24/7 would be best for the highest resolution and from memory I think 256Gb is around 20 days before overwrite.


The camera does not have a 'Starlight sensor' so night recordings are poor unless you have a floodlight working.


I did want to add an additional outdoor camera, but no other makes are listed as compatible and the Telus outdoor camera is $286 (non-negotiable) so am stuck with just 1 which is disappointing.


I do like the SmartHome app though, easy to setup schedules, push notifications, alerts and integration with other SmartHome devices. E.g. I have one routine that if my outdoor camera alerts to a 'Person' detected between the hours of midnight - 6am then it will switch on my indoor light's connected to the smart dimmer plugs for 15 minutes.


Hope this info helps!

There's plenty of Telus cams for sale on marketplace, I was thinking of getting some to replace the Wyze cams I have outside so I'd need to add the cams to my Telus security.  It looks like they charge $15 for one camera, when you check further you don't see any pricing for multiple cameras but I would NOT pay $45/month to self monitor 3 cameras which you say are not great anyhow.. That's ridiculous, what do I get for that money?  Nothing IMO
I think I'm better off just looking for other camera options, there's no shortage of WIFI camera options nowadays.