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Horrible customer service with Vivint and Telus

Just Moved In

Hi there, 

I am currently a Vivint customer and have had the worst experience with them. I found out that my smoke detector was on bypass for over a year and asked for a manager or someone that is in Canada to call me back(call center is in Philippines and they didn't understand why the smoke detector not working is important). No one ever called. 

My husband received a call from a Telus rep regarding being switched to Telus and he brought this up and they put him on hold for over half hour, he couldn't wait any longer so he hung up and never heard back. 

I was supposed to get a credit for my smoke detector being on Bypass. Never did. 

I would really just like to be done with the whole system it really is just crap. 

Back doorbells barely pick up movement unless it is the neighbors tree. 

The customer service with Vivint and Telus is absolutely terrible. 



Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello. We can definitely escalate this for you and have someone reach out to you regarding this experience. Send us a message over at our Twitter or Facebook so we can verify your account, gather your info, and arrange the callback.

I have also had terrible experiences!! When I try to contact VIVINT they tell me to contact Telus and when I contact Telus they tell me to contact VIVINT. It is EXTREMELY frustrating!!! I just want to cancel my service but am not able to talk to anyone about it. I definitely WOULD NOT recommend either of these companies for home security